SKCAC Participates in 62nd Annual Pacific Northwest Purchasing Conference

SKCAC Industries gained significant marketing exposure with its display at the North American Purchasing Managers (NAPM) regional conference in Tukwila recently. The two-day conference focused on Supply Chain Management, bringing in 160 purchasing managers from corporations all around the Pacific Northwest and California. As part of the conference, NAPM hosted a Supplier Showcase where 30 suppliers were chosen to set up displays for the attending purchasing managers. One of our key customers, Donna Reinke, Director of Purchasing for Red Dot, offered SKCAC Industries the opportunity to showcase our dual mission.

Mark Kantonen, SKCAC Executive Director expressed, "We were greatly surprised by the enthusiastic interest in SKCAC Industries from companies like Weyerhaeuser, Starbucks, T-Mobile and others." Over the two-day period, 63 people from 43 companies indicated interest in SKCAC and the possibility of working together on projects using SKCAC's work force and capabilities. Twelve companies had 18 immediate follow-ups to pursue for project and idea discussions. Three companies had immediate projects to develop, such as assembling electronic controller faceplates for a Spokane company, replacing batteries nation-wide in door alarms and traffic counters, and other project possibilities with an electronic game manufacturer. Many other attendees were clearly surprised and supportive of SKCAC's dual mission of meeting their business needs while also meeting community needs with the developmentally disabled.

For show preparations, Carl Dirks, owner of Dirks Associates, and SKCAC Industries developed two color brochures and a display board explaining capabilities and showing the workforce in action. The materials also illustrated completed project examples. The conference attendees expressed strong support for the promotional materials and how they clearly conveyed SKCAC's capabilities and missions. Carl managed the show preparations and booth as part of his contract to expand SKCAC Industries' exposure to major Pacific Northwest companies.

The Suppliers Showcase also involved a game to draw purchasing managers to the booths to answer a question, receive a sticker towards a NAPM grand prize drawing and leave a business card for the supplier's drawing. SKCAC Industries asked each attendee "What's This?" for a product we assemble for a large truck manufacturer. From that question came many opportunities to explain how we fulfill our dual mission of "Good work performed by good people".

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