Production Services

Helping Your Company Grow More Profitably with Less Risk

Large manufacturers expand their capacity during growth spurts or as they prepare to move into larger facilities without investing in facilities, equipment or adding employees.

Small companies and start-ups use SKCAC Industries' production services to bridge the gap as they grow.

Get the job done as fast or faster than you could do it in-house.
Avoid expensive overtime.
Your quality specifications met or exceeded by our eager staff who will setup, produce and complete your project of 1 unit to 400,000 units.
Custom work is a cinch - every project is carefully completed by hand.
It's convenient! Deliver or drop-ship your raw materials; your finished goods will be prepared for you to pickup, be delivered or be shipped to you or your customer.
Wait until your expansion can pay for itself rather than tying up your capital in larger facilities or new equipment at the first signs of reaching capacity.

Many clients outsource small, ongoing jobs that are best suited to hand attention. 92% of our clients have been with us for over a year.

Your electrical, mechanical and other parts will be assembled into finished or semi-finished components. Examples: harnesses, switches, air conditioner drain tubes for commercial trucks, retail point-of-purchase displays. See examples.

Specialty bottling on-demand of a non-food product. (This is a custom project.)

Your printed materials collated and inserted into binders, folders or presentation packets.
Examples: manuals, marketing materials, training materials. See examples.

Fabricated metal, plastic and wood products assembled, built, finished and packaged to your exact specifications. Examples: de-burring machine parts, gluing specialty bird feeders, painting semifinished parts, newsstands.

Grouping or packaging individual items or components together to create a single item or for production assembly. Examples: aerospace parts packaging, oil test kits, promotional packages, retail kits. See examples.

Mailing / Printer Services
Assembling or completing your mailing or printing project. Examples include: inserting materials into envelopes, placing labels on envelopes, preparing customer folders.

Preparing bulk or finished goods for sale including boxing, blister packaging, shrink wrapping, poly bagging, heat sealing. Examples: box construction, assembly of box dividers and installing RF security strips. See examples.

Examples of bulk repackaging for retail: package small quantities of bubble wrap in poly bags, repackage moving boxes into sets of ten, package hardware in small poly bags, packaging children's activity kits into heat sealed bags, shrink wrapping car mufflers with a label. See examples.

Get an online quote or contact us to save money and time completing your projects of 1 unit to 400,000 units.

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Dedicated production employees.
Dedicated production employees.

Production Services

Costco compliant
packaging available.

"The quality and on-
time delivery has been
highly commendable...
we could not have
done it without you."

~ Trim Systems


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